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Запуск Windows 95 Pocket v0.9 (Bochs 2.4.1) (WinMobile)

Запуск Windows 95 Pocket v0.9 (Bochs 2.4.1) (WinMobile)

Запуск полной версии Windows 95 на Вашем Pocket PC или Smartphone, без перепрошивки с помощью эмулятора Bochs IA-32 Emulator Project.

* Run all of your Windows and DOS applications.
- Microsoft Office
- Photoshop
- Games
- And more...
* Easy to install and pre-configured.

Known Issues:
* Nyidot virtual display crashes some devices.
* Mouse cursor needs to be dragged with stylus or moved with the devices arrow button.

Clicking is done with the center button.
* On some systems, VK MSCONSOLE causes crashes. To avoid this install pocket console after the main installer.

Note for devices with screens less than VGA (QVGA, WQVGA, Etc.):
Download Nyidot Virtual Display (in the download section).
Install it.
Open Settings > System > Virtual Display.
Change Width to 480, Height to 640.
Change Orientation to one of the landscape modes.
Soft Reset and continue with the instructions below.

For devices with less than 100mb free internal memory:
Download the Alternate Installer.
Extract the ZIP.
Copy the 'Win95.bin' file to your Storage Card.
Install the provided CAB file and soft reset your device.
Go to Settings > Personal > Buttons and set a buton to '<Input panel="panel" />'
Open the 'Windows 95' program on your device.
Click on the arrow beside the keyboard and select ' Keyboard'.
Press 6 and hit
Windows 95 will begin loading.
Press to enter full screen mode.
To use the keyboard, press the button you changed earlier.

To load Linux or any other OS, go to the disk images section of the bochs web site.
Download one and extract with 7-zip.
Uninstall the Standard release and install the alternate release.
Instead of copying win95.img copy the img you extracted and rename it to win95.
This method only works on some OS's.
Also, the images there are outdated and open source.
Instructions to create your own are on the site.

Download Instructions:
Alternate Install
Standard Install


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