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rk-OSR v1.0.10 (WinMobile)

rk-OSR v1.0.10 (WinMobile)

— автоматический Outlook-синхронизатор для Windows Mobile. Эту утилиту можно использовать для проверки электронной почты с множества аккаунтов прямо на КПК.

Can sync up multiple email accounts at multiple schedules setup.
Can perform Exchange Active Sync.
Connect using: Wi-Fi only, Wi-Fi if not GPRS, Manual Wi-Fi, Gprs Only or Existing connection(USB)
Switch off GPRS/3G after sync
Option not to sync during Saturdays and Sundays
Get notified on emails or failed attempts
Get notified with custum sound(wav files).
Keeps device 'Alive' till all the accounts have been synchronized.
Supports 'Silent' mode.
Supports command line initiation.
Supports one touch* email checking(one touch on the shortcut connects to wi-fi network and switches between accounts and synchronizes and then hangs up wi-fi)
Can be set to sync only if device sleeping.
Does not write anything to registry.
Does not run in background.(works on notifications)


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