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iShell 0.32 (WinMobile)

iShell 0.32 (WinMobile)

Еще одна попытка содать iphone подобный интерфейс для WinMobile
is t another clone for windows mobile. the home screen looks a lot like the iphone home screen but from the screenshot it looks like the icons would need to be improved. Remember that this is a new app and i am sure over time this will turn out to be a great application. Currently, it’s a fairly basic launcher application, in the style of the iPhone. It also has “widgets” (currently one, the clock) which aim to replace other applications and so integrate as much functionality as possible.

Press the end call button to exit.

WM5 or above
Anything bar square screens…
400kb free RAM and 400kb free ROM.


v0.32 QVGA
v0.32 VGA


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