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hTorch v3.2 (WinMobile)

hTorch v3.2 (WinMobile)

– небольшое приложение, которое пригодится владельцам коммуникаторов HTC Touch Pro. Программа позволяет использовать вспышку в режиме фонарика. Для удобства пользования на дисплее отображаются «сенсорные» кнопки включения/выключения фонарика.

: во избежание перегорания светодиода вспышки, не рекомендуется держать включенным фонарик долгое время.
Как обычно :
hTorch is just a FrontEnd programmed as an extension for TorchButton. NetRipper deserves most of the credit because my application uses his TorchButton v1.2 application underneath.

is built for the HTC Raphael (aka HTC Touch Pro) and has only been tested on this device.

: Use this application at your own risk! I’ve done as much testing as possible, and will try to fix every bug which will be reported but it's my first Windows Mobile application and I can not guarantee that it is free of bugs. (Well, even if it would be my 500th application I would still not be able to guarantee that - but anyway - you know what I mean )

The program installs itself into "%ProgramFiles%hTorch" and also creates a shortcut into %StartMenu%ProgramsAccessories. The further usage is as simple as possible. Start hTorch using the shortcut. On program start the LED will automatically be turned on and you will see the programs main screen. On the main screen you can enable and disable the flashlight as needed using the bulb button or exit the application using the exit button. Both buttons are also available as soft key. On Program exit the torch will automatically be turned off.

The flashlight will stay on for a max of 86400 seconds to prevent burning the LED. This should not be very likely as this posting explains but I think one day should be sufficient. Please also note that the LED can not be left turned on while the device is in standby. So if you want to use the torch for an extended period please make sure to configure your power settings accordingly or to tab the screen from time to time to keep the device awake. I intentionally left as much free space on the main screen as possible to make tabbing into a "free space" easy and to keep the screen as dark as possible.

* This program requires .NET Compact Framework 3.5 to run. If you are not sure if you have the Framework installed or which version you have installed please follow this instructions
* If you have TorchButton installed on your device, you should uninstall it before installing hTorch

* Added AppToDate support.
* Some minor code optimizations.

* Fixed several minor bugs
* Fixed one huge bug preventing the device from standby even after hTorch was already closed.
* Added a special error handling in case a user terminated hTorch instead of using the quit-button.

v3.0 (unreleased private beta):
* Source again completely rewritten. I'm now using the TorchButtonLib v1.0 to control the LED. Which now also means that hTorch and TorchButton can be installed at the same time.
* Action button mapped with LED on/off function.
* "UP"-button mapped with LED bright on/off function.
* "DOWN"-button mapped with build-in display off function (display can be turned on using the power button).
* Changed right softkey to menu with sub menu items: "Quit", "Bright LED On/Off", "Display Off", "About".
* Changed normal LED on/off button. (Artwork was done by obsidian73 - Thank You!)
* Added bright LED on/off button. (Artwork was done by obsidian73 - Thank You!)
* Added display off button. (Artwork was done by obsidian73 - Thank You!)
* Changed the program window not to maximize (so that now the status bar is visible).
* Added function to prevent ideling into standby (AndyZap - Once again thank you for your help!)

* Updated TorchButton to v1.2 which enlarged the maximum timeout from 300 seconds to 86400 seconds (a day) - Thank you NetRipper!

* Completely replaced all graphics to give the program a much more professional look and feel. (Artwork was done by obsidian73 - Thank You!)
* Replaced the exe-file icon with a more diamond-like one

* Completely rewritten source so that hTorch can now detect the LED state
* Tightened the program as much as possible (exe-file lost about a bit more than 25% of its size)
* Automatically turn off the LED on program exit
* Changed auto-off timer to 5 minutes (hard coded)
* Added SoftKey functions
* Added About Dialog

* Fixed Bug when installing to Storage Card
* Start LED on program start

* Initial version



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