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gPC (gMeter) v2.36 (WinMobile)

gPC (gMeter) v2.36 (WinMobile)

is an application that turns the HTC Touch Diamond/Pro or Touch HD into a vehicle performance computer. By using the onboard accelerometer in these devices, gMeter can measure forward and lateral g forces.

g can measure forward and lateral g forces and it can calculate the
Horsepower of a vehicle (wheels or engine), using the device's internal GPS.
All the values, including the g-forces (m/s^2), angles, GPS data and calculated
horsepower (KWatt or /746 for HP), can be saved to a log file, for furthermore
It can also calculate the 0 - 100 Km/h or 0 - 60 miles/h acceleration time. In
dragster mode, the application can calculate the time and the horsepower for
0 - 402 meter or 1/4 of mile acceleration. Also, the gMeter can keep the max
horsepower and the max values of g-forces and angles.
The gMeter can draw the 'circuit' according to the longitude and latitude values
measured by the internal GPS. gMeter can also create speed and horsepower
graphs using the log files.

The device needs to be placed in a vehicle and gMeter needs to be calibrated
for position, with the vehicle at rest on a level surface.


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