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empax DIAMOND theme (WinMobile)

empax DIAMOND theme (WinMobile)

Diamond like today screen theme and HTC home skin

- Portrait and landscape mode (5 and 6 tabs can be used perfectly)
- White and black clockfaces
- Diamond theme file with original colors

1. Download zip file
2. Deactivate HTC Home (Settings/Today/Items)
3. Copy all files from empex_Diamond_graphics to your device's /Windows folder
4. Active HTC Home (Settings/Today/Items)
5. Copy empex_Diamond.tsk to /My documents
6. Apply theme file (Settings/Today/Appearance)

To change the clock to the black one, repeat steps 1 to 2, then copy the files from empex_BLACK_Diamond_clock to /Windows and repeat step 4.

Для установки в ручную

Для автоматической установки через CAB


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