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Vita Max! (WinMobile)

Vita Max! (WinMobile)

Тема для WAD2.

1. copy the folder 'vita' to 'My Storage' in the root of you device.
-If you don't have an omnia, this folder does not exist, and you will
have to create it.

2. copy the contents of 'themes' to the themes directory of wisbar desktop.
-You don't have to copy all 4 folders in the 'themes' folder. If you
have a qvga device, copy the 2 folders with the word 'qvga' in them.
If you have a wqvga device, copy the 2 with the word 'wqvga' in them.

3. copy the folder 'DINIK_s_Hd2...' anywhere on your device or storage card.
-This folder contains custom icons you can choose when adding quick
links on the homescreen of the theme.

4. copy the fonts in the 'fonts' folder into "WindowsFonts".

5. copy the folder 'message2reg' into "Program Files".

6. install mortscript (Not included, but absolutely necessary).

7. install the latest version of s2p (Again, not included, but necessary).

8. launch Wisbar Advance Desktop. Under the theme manager, there should be
some new themes. select the portrait vita max! theme as the portrait theme,
and the landscape as landscape.

9. after applying the above settings, tap apply. The theme will load. You must
RESTART WISBAR DESKTOP to get the nav panel to work.


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