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Touch HD PowerOFF v0.22(FIX [ICON FIX]) (WinMobile)

Touch HD PowerOFF v0.22(FIX [ICON FIX]) (WinMobile)

Выключалка для аппарата HTC Touch HD.

Автор написал,что возможно заработает на Touch Pro (соответственно Diamond тоже), Xperia1 и MAX 4G.

It appears that there is a confilct with MobileMagic app.
so make sure if you are using MobileMagic go to Buttons tab
click on Power button (Long), Select from the drop down box Start application and assign it to Touch HD PowerOFF.exe
soft reset and you are done!

Now shutdown works only it prompts you for confirmation.. i'll try to find
a workaround later! for now the app is usable once more!

Install the cab and simply hold the power button on your device!!!

TO-DO List:
- Landscape mode
- VGA & QVGA Versions (later though)
- Add sounds


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