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TouchLaunch (WinMobile)

TouchLaunch (WinMobile)

- простой лончер для запуска приложений.

TouchLaunch сканирует меню "Старт" и выводит ярлыки приложений в алфавитном порядке.
Программа настраивается изменением файлов skin.xml и settings.xml.

- Прокрутка пальцем;
- Алфавитная панель;
- Поддержка скинов;
- Возможность закрытия лончера после запуска программы;

-better skin support, including bitmaps
-icons ( maybe someone could give me a hint )
-vga support
-landscape support
-option screen
-exitAfterLaunch function

Changelog 0.0.1 -> 0.0.2
+Skin changer
+Better skinning support
+You can use bitmaps as list item highlight
+6 premade skins
+closeAfterLaunch feature
Known bugs:
-skin change takes about 5 sec... so don't panic
-if closeAfterLaunch feature is on and you switch to other application,
TouchLaunch will close in 2 seconds.

+you can use your today's screen background as this program's background
+ability to choose whether minimize or terminate on exit
+automatic closing ( either minimize or exit on closing )
+it's minimizes correctly, so you can leave it on running background
+should work on all different language roms!

+icon support ( iconpacks )
+custom support
+shortcut categories
+replace folderview.exe function ( and also undo function )
+lot of bugs fixed
+skin change is much much faster
+customfolder support, for addionatiol shortcuts
+sweep gestures for chancing catego

+starting with emptylist bug fixed

[][27 Oct 2008]
+Icon caching ( program starts in 4-5 secs, depended on amount of your shortcuts, first start takes about 10 secs )
+New Option dialog ( not polished, but fully functionable )
+AlphabetGrid can be modified in Option dialog
+"Start in certain category" in Option dialog

[][29 Oct 2008]
+it's .NET 2.0 binary, so it should work for everybody
+many bugs fixed again
+list scrolling/touching improvements, no more accidental launches
+new about dialog added, has links to this thread, and also donation button
+new contextMenu, better looking and more fingerfriendly
+you can click and hold on listItem, and a contextmenu appear
+VGA skin included

[][31 Oct 2008]
+support png icons with alphaLayers
+many Context Menu improvements, scroll if all the items can't fit on the screen
+Rearrenged optionDialog with folded/unfolded categories
+a brand new mainmenu
+menu background is darkened version of programs background image
+option whether it needs a tap or doubletap to launch programs

[][10 Nov 2008]
+multilingual( english, finnish, dutch(partial) ), if you make your own language file, make sure it's UTF-8
+new skinning engine, same skinfile for all resolutions
+new settings file format
+faster and takes less memory
+two alpha blending simulation modes
+icons renders correctly on vga devices
+works "out of box" with VGA, QVGA and WQVGA(e.c. Omnia)

Known "bugs":
-skin change takes about 5 sec... so don't panic
-if closeAfterLaunch feature is on and you switch to other application,
TouchLaunch will close in 2 seconds.
-if you try to launch phone ( or calendar ), it will launch softaware and after that it will crash...
-using bitmaps multiples memory usage, but you can avoid that using simpler skins
-menu is ugly

.NET CF 3.5
wm6 ( might work with wm5 ), i have only tested on emulator and on my elf
qvga ( with different skin file in future should work on vga )


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