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Throttle Lock v0.9.1 (WinMobile)

Throttle Lock v0.9.1 (WinMobile)

очень интересная Блокировка. Она блокирует ваш девайс сразу как девайс отправляется в спящий режим. Разблокировать можно "нарисовав" правильную линию. По умолчанию разблокировать можно нажатием первой точки(верхняя с лево) к ней также можно рисовать скины а также писать языки ...подробнее об этом на оф. сайте

The app is fully skinable. You can easyly develop new skins by copying the Default skin to another folder inside the skins folder and replacing the png graphics with the ones you like. You can also change font's and spacings by modifying skin.xml file.

Also the app suports multilanguaje. Spanish, English, French, German and Swedish translations are included (though the configuration tool is only available in english at the moment)... To translate the app to your languaje just copy the texts.txt file to a file called texts_XXX.txt where XXX is the 3 chars ISO code for your languaje and then translate the texts inclued in that file. Respect the line orders and cariage returns, also take care to keep the UTC16 encoding. If you have a translation file and want to share it don't heistate posting it at the forum! I will include it in further releases.

WM5 / 6 / 61. Device.
Net.CF 2.0 or 3.5 installed
1 MB of storage space.
1 MB of free mem.
Will work on any device screen! It's tested to work in qVGA, wqVGA,VGA and wVGA.
3D effect will only work on Samsung or HTC GSensor enabled devices.

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