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TF3D RMSB (Retractable Manila Slide Bar) v0.1 (WinMobile)

TF3D RMSB (Retractable Manila Slide Bar) v0.1 (WinMobile)

это мод для Rhodium Manila, позволяющий прятать manila slide bar в портретном режиме как и в landscape.

* Retractable Slide Bar for all tabs
* Timeout

To do:
* Select tab where Slide Bar is retractable

Known issues:
* Inversion of the color Black/white when going to the second level in Manila.
* Sometimes the slide bar doesn't retract (weather tab or when selection in not done by sliding but by taping).

* Install RHODIUM Manila to device
* Install TF3D RMSB cab file to device
* Restart your TF3D
* Enjoy


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