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SMS Tweaker v1.5 (WinMobile)

SMS Tweaker v1.5 (WinMobile)

Бесплатная программка для настройки режима работы, шрифта, цвета фона и еще некоторых мелочей смс в windows mobile 6.1

This application is to change from Threaded Mode from-to Normal Mode.
To active your mode, press on the red button to make it blue (Blue button means the selected mode is active).

- Added: Change font size in Normal Mode.
- Added: More options to add language files (XML Files).

Available Languages:
1. Dutch (by mccune)
2. French (by kiliss)
3. German (by McTell)
4. Arabic by me..!
5. Chinese (by gerry86)
6. Pohish (by jas_pik)
7. Thai (by bluecream4)
8. Italian (by Genius2000)
9. Spanish (by Neo_Reloaded)


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