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SMSCallFilter v1.39.02 (WinMobile)

SMSCallFilter v1.39.02 (WinMobile)

HTML SMS/Фильтр и отображение звонков со смайлами.

Unpack(or update) all files to SD card, run SMSCallFilter.exe in mobile, new user just setup ring file and checked "Install/Uninstall", SMS black phone list auto maintenance.
Old User uncheck "Install/Uninstall", wait 2 seconds and then chekced "Install/Uninstall".
All blue word is button. SMSCallFilter support "Phone PPC" and Smartphone(except WINCE 2002).

Default options:
Reject all phone in black list, repeat notify unread sms and missed call each 2 minutes, unknown SMS save to unknown file, more times unknown SMS will be add as sms black member, black sms save to log file, 7:30-23:30 auto flight.
PPC for music screen off and key lock: Mail key->Drop key->Drop key
Use PPC as light: Mail key->Drop key->Up key
Phone just vibrate at meeting: Mail key->Down key
If you have some application used frequently, you can set it at hard key menu use "Hotkey Menu Setup", edit in "User def" menu, and set the Timer Schedule iterm's name.

1. Like FAQ emoticons HTML SMS firewall, no spam disturb you
2. Hard key menu scene/bright set, blind mode change scene/bright
3. Gif/Flash/HTML adage Call Show, group manager and reject period of time
4. SMS remote contral host mobile
5. Red SMS manager, SMS talk without any mark
6. Quickly phone book search, 1-3 char local the phone numbers
7. Editor search or replace support regular expression
8. Powerful Timer Setup plus HTML+JS interactive with mobile

# Emoticons HTML chat style SMS firewall 1K memory use
# Call firewll 1K memory use(reject/drop/anwser&drop)
# Gif/Flash/HTML adage Call Show
# Encrypt Red SMS(just set red phone numbers and password)
# Hard key quick menu for scene/bright set(Screen off lock Keyboard and Screen)
# SMS remote contral host mobile
# Macro record and play for PPC
# Game modify for PPC(check FAQ)
# Editor support regular expression
# "File View" support: Binary Style/TEXT Style/HTML Style/Picture Style/Flash Style/Movie And Music Style
# Cantacts back and restore across system
# Quickly phone book search and select phone numbers
# Web music/Web flash/Web picture support in SMS
# Flash SMS
# SMS keywords filter
# Sent folder SMS always be passed
# SMS javascript filter
# SMS and Call in auto SMS reply/missed call auto sms reply
# Connected vibrate
# Call in/out auto speaker on
# Language skin auto support PPC/SP
# Unread SMS & Call repeat notify
# Group's call ring file set and reject period of time
# SMS number rule/text rule generator and tester
# Mobile reboot do not lost editor sms
# javascript debug & calculator
# Auto turn off screen which SMS without notify
# All phone install and uninstall without reboot
# Random quickly call show skin file path(path*.*)
# Random ring file path(path*.*)
# Force line break
# Ring file can be mp3/wma/wav/mid
# Integrate AudioNotes in Call Show
# Quickly call show skin maker
# Setup-file/SMS/log restore and backup
# Picture capture
# File code and encode
# Add SIM contact
# Powerful Timer Schedule: Make Call|Send SMS|Execute|File action|Device On/Off|Close App|Log Msg|Display Msg|Open HTML|Add Contact|Play Sound|Script|Timer schedule On/Off|Backup|Reboot|Macro
# Timer Schedule event: Time(YYMMDDHHMMSS)/New SMS/New Call/Missed SMS/Missed Call/Repeat notify/Power on/Power off/Click screen/SMS remote phone
# HTML+JScript interactive with main program, host.fnFun function call any DLL's function, you can use system function like VB in mobile HTML now.


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