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River Past Windows Mobile Recorder v1.0.16.1904 (WinMobile)

River Past Windows Mobile Recorder v1.0.16.1904 (WinMobile)

is a video recorder to capture your WM device on the PC.

Windows Mobile Recorder runs on a regular Windows PC. It grabs the screen image from your Windows Mobile devices, for presentation, frame capture, and screen video recording.

By using the PC for recording, you can run your regular Windows Mobile software with minimum interference. By recording the screen directly from the device, you have an accurate video recording of how the device really works.

Presentations and demos are ideally done on a big screen. You may have a special software on your phone or PDA, but you shouldn't ask your audience to have super eyesight.

Use Windows Mobile Recorder for big screen demos. You can see the WM image on the computer monitor, or use a projector for the best image.

Use Windows Mobile Recorder to capture individual frames, for documentation or website.

The screenshots are saved as either BMP or JPG files. You can edit them later for your documentation or website.

Of course, the most important feature of Windows Mobile Recorder is to record your device screen to a video file.

That is the best way to make a demo or tutorial for the device. Record it and put it on the website.


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