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PocketMirror Professional v2.2.4 (WinMobile)

PocketMirror Professional v2.2.4 (WinMobile)

Advanced Outlook synchronization software built around the way you use Outlook—and how you've wished you could use your Pocket PC.

Life is busy. You don’t need technology slowing you down. So, why let ActiveSync software organize your Outlook information on your Pocket PC in a way that makes your data harder to find? Now you have a choice.

PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile is the only Outlook synchronization software that does both of the following:
Synchronize multiple Outlook Contacts, Calendar, and Tasks folders with the corresponding Pocket Outlook applications on the handheld.
Synchronize Outlook folders and categories on your PC with corresponding categories on your Windows Mobile handheld or smartphone†.

Meaning, PocketMirror Professional for Windows Mobile is built around the way you have already organized your important information in Outlook on your desktop. Items in multiple folders on the desktop get transferred to the handheld in tact and into folder-like categories, not just dispersed among the items' assigned categories.

An added benefit: Using these special folder -like categories allows you to keep your personal information off the company server and only on your handheld when you synchronize with your PC. It's almost like filtering by handheld categories.


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