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Panels Blackstone (WinMobile)

Panels Blackstone (WinMobile)

Кто хочет попробывать интерфейс XPERIA X1 на своем Touch HD, ото для них.

Windows Mobile guru Paul from MoDaCo has just put up a cab installation to get the XPERIA X1 Panels on the Touch HD. ( be aware this will most like not work on any resolution other than WVGA ).

What’s works
- It works almost completely
- Performance of the actual panels is great

What’s not working ( not yet @least)
- No ‘Panels’ button the HD but you do get a Panels icon on the start menu
- It takes a few seconds for the panel select app to open
- The FM Radio and Media Xperience panels don’t work properly on the HD
- The TouchFlo 3D plugin has to be disabled or pressing the home key returns you to TF3D

What’s coming up in future versions
- Speed boost!
- Option to map to hardware button
- Requests? ( let Paul know about it )

Install Instructions
- Disable TF3D from Start -> Settings -> Today -> Items
- Install main CAB from below
- Run Panels from the start menu to choose panel
- Optionally install additional panels: get em here


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