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Original Diamond Super Pack (WinMobile)

Original Diamond Super Pack (WinMobile)

На данный момент наиболее точная копия интерфейса HTC Diamond для SPB Mobile Shell 2.1 + 5 оригинальных фоновых рисунков

For QVGA, Portrait mode devices only!

1) Download file from the link provided below.
2) Extract the zip files.
3) Copy the files contained in the Default Files folder to your device's Program FilesSPB Mobile Shell folder.
4) Reset your device. You're done.

(For Options)
1)The zip files contains a folder named "Optional Files". It contains the different options such as Digital Clock, Menu Icons, Backgrounds, Different Colored Status Icons. Just choose which ones you like and copy the corresponding dat file to SPB folder overwriting the default ones.
2) Reset device.


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