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O3touch v3.7 (WinMobile)

O3touch v3.7 (WinMobile)

существенно ускоряет вызов, поиск, отправку СМС и электронной почты.

Основные особенности:
-Двойной язык ввода: английский и любой другой (не поддерживает китайский, японский).
-Два метода ввода: стандартный телефонный набор и уникальный метод для устройств с сенсорным экраном.
-Быстрый поиск контакта.
-Интерфейс добавления нового контакта и редактирование существующего.
-Интерфейс ввода новых СМС и писем электронной почты.
-Интерфейс для чтения входящего мгновенного сообщения.
-Быстрый набор на 30 контактов.
-Полная синхронизация с Outlook.

Main Features:
- Main screen interface.
- Fast dial management and dialing.
- 7 next meetings display.
- Quick upload.
- App stability.
- Full contact details management concurring with outlook (birthdays, address. Anniversary and more) both private and work related).
- New contacts Screen to easily rearrange and reassign all contact's Numbers.
- New Sms Log (incoming and outgoing).
- New Last Call interface (incoming and out going).
- Multilingual operation, English and any two additional languages installed and operating on the device - Support for: English,Spanish, French, German, Italian, Russian, Swedish, Hebrew, Polish - NEW & IMPROVED - Two typing methods, standard phone number pad typing and a unique method customized for touch screen devices.
- Two typing methods, standard phone number pad typing and a unique method customized for touch screen devices.
- Selected letter display while typing.
- A quick contact search interface.
- Name search options, ?starts with?and also? and also?.
- Phone number search interface according to ?containing??.
- Contact interface with extended filtering capabilities.
- New contact creation and existing contact edit interface.
- Automatic new number recognition and assimilation to an existing or new contact.
- SMS and email writing interface.
- Incoming SMS and email interface.
- Text editing interface for instant messaging.
- Up to 3 groups of ten contacts with quick access (thirty contacts in total).
- Full and instant real time synchronization with outlook.
- Personal customization of reaction times and other characteristics.
- Auto preset response for missed calls and text massages.
- Add a second special sign keyboard.
- Contact detail screen ? more options to choose from.
- 3D depth scale control from 0-7.
- Separate sound and sound level for keyboard, app keys and number keys.
- Human engineering.

As a special introductory offer O3touch is currently free (yes - zero, zilch, nothing, nil) why?

Simply follow these 4 simple steps:
-Download to your computer.
-Extract the zip file (to file).
-Copy it to program file directory in your device.
-Operate the cab file by touching it.
-Confirm installing
-Select install to device (not to internal storage).
-Find the o3touch shortcut and start the program.

Способ установки новой версии:
1)Удаляем предыдущюю версию
2)Удаляем в Program files папку с прогой
3)Перезагружаемся и устанавливаем новую версию



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