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MobiTNT PocketExport 3.10 (WinMobile) (WinSmart)

MobiTNT PocketExport 3.10 (WinMobile) (WinSmart)

OEExport служит для экспорта ваших SMS и истории звонков в CSV- или xml-файл.

-Send SMS text message from outlook
-Send SMS at scheduled time from outlook
-Sync SMS text in your device to outlook folder
-Sync Call logs in your phone to outlook journal
-Sync sim card contact to outlook contact
-Save contact information to your device
-Threaded sms support
-Manage sms from PC
-Export Sms text messages to csv format
-Export Sms text messages to xml format
-Export call logs to csv format
-Export call logs to xml format
-Import sms from outlook folder to your device
-Import sms from csv file to your device
-Manage your sms folder from outlook
-Reboot/shutdown your device from outlook
-Get device information from outlook,such as memory usage,power status

-ActiveSync 4.5
-Windows xp / Windows Vista.
-OutLook 2003 and Outlook 2007.
-Windows Mobile 5 Smartphone and Pocket PC.
-Windows Mobile 6 Standard and Windows Mobile 6 Professional


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