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Manila 2.3d [UPDATE] - Best Touchflo 3d and Manila 2d theme (WinMobile)

Manila 2.3d [UPDATE] - Best Touchflo 3d and Manila 2d theme (WinMobile)

Тема для WAD2.

¦ Touchflo 3d-like clock
¦ Number of unread messages
¦ Number of appointments
¦ [UPDATE]: Down-up gesture: Reveals small clock and calendar

¦ Simple page to view your plugins

¦ Displays number of unread messages
¦ Tap envelope for additional page to view SPB Diary or PocketBreeze (If present)

¦ Calendar at top
¦ Agenda to preview up to 7 days of appointments (with scrollbar)
¦ Slide left/right to view 6 more months

¦ Current Temperature
¦ Day High
¦ Day Low
¦ City Name
¦ Current Condition
¦ Current Condition Icon (Images included)
¦ Updated Time (Tap word 'Updated' to update)

Second Page:
¦ Day High
¦ Day Low
¦ Day Forecast
¦ Day Forecast Icon
¦ 5 day forecast icons at bottom with labeled days
¦ Tap to reveal floating dock
¦ Includes:
¦ Day name
¦ Day high
¦ Day low
¦ Day forecast
¦ Day forecast icon
¦ Tap anywhere on dock to hide again

¦ Uses Vijay555's VJWMPlayerControl (Cab included)
¦ Play/Pause
¦ Next Track
¦ Previous Track
¦ Album Name
¦ Track Name
¦ Track Artist
¦ Elapsed Time
¦ Volume Icon (In Misc under Settings, change volume to finger friendly before hand - this will give you a diamond-like volume controller

¦ 2 pages of icons
¦ 8 icons per page plus delete button
¦ Slide to swich pages (Sliding is a bit like the iPhone sliding)

¦ 3 tabs - Customize, Personal, and System
¦ Wallpaper
¦ Volume
¦ Free Ram
¦ Personal and System just have the default Personal and System shortcuts

¦ Wifi toggle
¦ Bluetooth toggle
¦ Sound toggle
¦ Running Programs
¦ Processes

¦ 4 web shortcuts
¦ IE
¦ Youtube Player
¦ Google
¦ Xda-Developers

¦ Htc Home Clock
¦ Lock Icon (It's not very good, I would much appreciate it if someone could make a new one)
¦ Slider to Unlock and take you to your last page
¦ You can make it full screen if you like

Извлеч архив
Скопировать папку Touchflo3d в Storage Card
Скоапировать папку Manila 2.3d в папку Темы
Установить все прилагаемые программы
Зауйти в программу WAD2 просканировать и выбрать эту тему.


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