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HTCButton v0.1 Beta R8 (WinMobile)

HTCButton v0.1 Beta R8 (WinMobile)

- позволяет двойным нажатием на гарнитуре HTC, управлять TouchFLO3D Audio Manager (назад, вперед, проигрывание/пауза).

Installation instructions:
1. Download CAB file on to your phone
2. Install CAB file (open File Explorer, find the CAB file, and click on it)
Note: It might say that you have to restart your device to apply changes... This isn't correct, it should work fine without a restart
3. Configure app (open "HTCButton" in "Programs"). Note that at the moment, only "HTC AudioManager Controller" works properly. More plugins will be available eventually.
4. Test that it's working (double-click the button on the headset) and enjoy


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