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HSPlus Homescreen++ Screen 11 tabs (WinMobile)

HSPlus Homescreen++ Screen 11 tabs (WinMobile)

Скин для Homescreen++ на 11 вкладок.

For Installation:
Zip File: HSPlusplus - contains following:
---->Directory HSPLusplus -
place in /Program Files/HomeScreen PlusPlus directory on device.
---->XMLFile: HSPLus
put in /Program Files/HomeScreen PlusPlus directory on device
(then select that theme from HSPlus.)

All Plugin - Shows screenshot of settings for all the Tabs and their plugins used to make the skin work
Retro Clock - has some retro clock skin place in retro clock folder and select in options..for Retroclock

Applications used as plugin:
SPB Diary - to display eMail in eMail tab
Weather panel - for Weather using Rumball's animated theme (search XDA-developers)
Calender++ : for calendar tab (Freeware)
Tasks: TaskPlus for Tasks Tab (Freeware)
Metrix : Battery/Memory Plugin (Freeware)
Speeddial - for Contact tab - (Freeware)
iContact - for Contact Tab (Freeware)
Other free misc utilities - found here in XDA Developers. like Power, Volume, Call history etc.

All tools/utilities used in the skin are available here do a search...if you cannot find let me know..

Feel free to change the XML for your own settings.

All Plugin Settings
Retro Clock Skin


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