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GRemote Pro v1.5.9 (Дэмо) (WinMobile)

GRemote Pro v1.5.9 (Дэмо) (WinMobile)

I called this app GRemote because I hope to include other features like:
- Touchpad for devices which don't have GSensor
- Keyboard
- GMedia - applet to control apps like Winamp, PowerDVD etc...
- Game Controler - but this can be more difficult because of windows driver required
- GRemoteServer for Windows and !!!

-Unzip attached file
-Install GRemoteSetup.CAB on you device
-Run GRemoteServer.exe on you PC
-Enter correct IP address in GRemote app on you Diamond
-If you use GSen remember to add this app to GSen config
- This app use UDP 5656 port so disable it in firewall on your PC (NOT in router)
- Tap and hold you screen to move mouse (press pad centre)
- Communication between client and server is realized with TCP/IP so you need to use any network connection
- WiFi
- some tweaks


Игра в Doom 2 с помощью GRemote


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