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GClipper v1.2 (WinMobile)

GClipper v1.2 (WinMobile)

- Виртуальный парикмахер.

- для начала окончания работы нажмите на экран
- 3 уникальных звуковых сопровождения

* 2 modes: Clippers and Electric Razor
Press action button (center of D Pad) to start / Press action button again to stop
- or -
Use Menu option to Start / Stop
* 3 unique sounds - Switch on/off, No Cut and Cut
* In Clippers mode, the GSensor detects the "virtual clippers" tilting towards your victims head & the sound changes accordingly
* In Electric Razor mode, pressing the screen against your face causes the sound to change to the cutting sound
* Vibration can be switched off, on action or always on (via the settings screen)

Copy the attached CAB file to your device, open your phones file manager program, browse to where you saved the CAB & open it. I recommend you install to Internal Memory (i.e. not the device)

Программа не создает ярлык,поэтому идем к месту сохранения проги и открываем.

За описание спасибо


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