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FBA The Creator v0.2.0.135 (WinMobile)

FBA The Creator v0.2.0.135 (WinMobile)

Вы когда нибудь хотелось создать крутую игру или программу для PocketPC, но не знаете с чего начать? Или знаете с чего начать, но думаете, что это будет очень сложно, или потребуется слишком много времени? Тогда FBA для Вас!!
- интегрированная окружающая среда программирования, которая поможет Вам создать крутые, быстрые, мощные игры и программы для вашего PocketPC!! Забудьте о сложных редакторах и языках программирования! FBA сделает тяжелую работу за Вас!!

* Support for PNG and JPEG images
* Load images with one line of code
* Support for alpha blending drawing
* Zoom and rotate images in real time
* Graphic fonts and TrueType Fonts support
* Gamegrids: fast and powerful engine for tiled games

* Support for WAV and MOD files
* Real time multichannel mixer
* Play more than one music/sound in the same time
* Real time channels control

* Powerful editor with syntax highlight
* Tons of tutorials to help you getting started
* Breakpoints and step by step execution
* Real time debugging with variables dump
* Execute code at runtime
* Integrated help system with full commands reference
* Integrated resources explorer: add images or sounds with one click

* Build your installation package for PocketPC, with just one click!
* Full setup customization: from main program icon to window size (and much more)
* Choose your application orientation (landscape or portrait) with one click

Here are some key features of "FBA The Creator":
· Easy, Fast and Powerful
· Create your GAMES and APPLICATIONS with very basic and easy language
· Develop and test on Windows with a powerful IDE
· Build PocketPC setups with just one click
· Run your product on major PocketPC with Windows Mobile
· Add resources to your project and load in your game with one line of code
· All in one package! You don't need external programs
· Much much more...Oh, and it's FREE!

What's new in this release:
· Added support for square, VGA and square VGA resolutions
· Added option for CAB installation to install shortcuts on different positions
· Fixed an annoying bug on help window scrollbar
· Minor improvements and bugfix to Windows IDE



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