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CallerID utility (WinMobile)

CallerID utility (WinMobile)

brings reverse number lookup feature on Windows Mobile. This app requires an internet connection.
Lookup unknown callers! Supports 19 countries!

* gets name/adress of unknown caller/sms:er
* can handle manual searches too
* can save info to contacts
* displays a small log of ID:s
* can be hidden into the background and then displayed again by pulling the stylus out

Supported countries:
* Sweden
* Denmark
* France
* US
* Italy
* Norway
* Germany
* Netherlands
* Belgium
* Switzerland
* Romania
* Canada
* Australia
* Austria
* Greece
* Estonia
* Israel
* Philippines
* Cambodia

You can add more countries to the apps. To add your country, simply supply the developer with a reverse phone number lookup serviceprovider. Like “” and a number that generates a result, like “073xxxxxxx”. Check back a few days later and see if your country is there!

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Microsoft Compact Framework 3.5


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