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Windows Phone 7 theme для Thottlelauncher Suite 1.7 (WinMobile)

Windows Phone 7 theme для Thottlelauncher Suite 1.7 (WinMobile)

Лучшая в своём роде тема для Thottlelauncher (IMHO)

Основные функции:
- Compatible for all resolutions!!
- Scrollable home page
- Animated real contacts on homepage
- Animated pictures tile with differents thumbs from selected folder
- Animated Me tile
- You can choose your own photo for the animation
- Animated contacts name for People page
- People page
- Games page
- Music Page
- Pictures page
- You can choose a xbox live Avatar
- Six colors for the tiles(Blue,Orange,Red,Green,DarkBlue,Yellow)
- You can use original wm taskbar
- Original Windows Phone 7 footer
- Battery indicator(Thxs to HDOwner for the graphics)
- Little clock
- You can add your favorites apps on home page



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