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Teachers Desktop 2008 v1.4.20090107 (WinMobile)

Teachers Desktop 2008 v1.4.20090107 (WinMobile)

Teacher's Desktop is an up-to-date administration program for teachers which is characterized by a simple user interface. The electronic records are represented in a clearly arranged manner and the evaluations may easily be indicated as grading scales, final grade diagrams, certificates etc.

-Timetable with subject matter allocation
-Administration of pupil data
-Flexible definition of grading criteria
-Calculation and administration of grades
-Seating plan with entry function for markings
-Supports grading systems in England and the USA
-Free trial version for 30 days

-Up-to-date user interface
-Intuitively comprehensible and clearly structured program
-Prompt and reliable data input
-Increased quality of the administration of grades and pupils
-Grades and evaluations are constantly up to date
-Easy preparation of interim and final certificate
-Optional: Mobile data input on a handheld device with automatic synchronisation


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