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SVMPowerMgr 2.0 (WinMobile)

SVMPowerMgr 2.0 (WinMobile)

- простая программа, очередной менеджер питания.

- Выключение экрана устройства
- Перевод устройства в режим ожидания
- Soft Reset устройства
- Выключение устройства
- Включение/Выключение Bluetooth (для стека от Microsoft)
- Включение/Выключение WiFi
- Включение/Выключение радиомодуля
- Переключение между диапазонами 2G-3G

This simple application, created by s.virtan from XDA, is used as a power manager. Sometimes it is a hassle to go to different areas of your phone, whether it be through software or hardware buttons, to do simple tasks like soft resetting or powering off your mobile device. With SVMPowerMgr 1.0, you can: turn off the screen, put the device in suspend mode, soft reset and power down. Unlike other similar programs, this one has all those features in one app. It was just released, so there may be some bugs. It is, however, worth the download to help you be more productive.



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