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Power Radio v2.4.0.2 (WinMobile)

Power Radio v2.4.0.2 (WinMobile)

это FM-плеер с RDS. Встроенный FM-плеер во многих девайсах часто игнорирует некоторую информацию (RDS, радиотекст). Power Radio призвана «достать» из радиостанции всевозможную информацию, ну и проигрывать конечно.

- после первого запуска PowerRadio просканирует весь диапазон и отобразит доступные станции
- долгое нажатие на Scan вызывает меню ручного сканирования
- ear/spk переключает вывод звука на динамик, либо наушники
- mute отключает звук
- blend улучшает стерео
- stereo переключает моно/стерео

- Radiotext: contains information broadcast by the respective station. What you get here totally depens on the broadcaster. You might see title and interpret, call-in numbers, SMS trafficservice numbers, URL's etc.
- traffic announcements
- program type
- coverage area
- date, time, timezone
- various status flags

Making of:
PowerRadio is built on top of flywhc's GFMAPI, which currently supports Diamond, Raphael, Blackstone, Polaris, X1, Rhodium, Topaz.
Screen resolution is designed to work with VGA and WVGA devices only.
FM bandswitching is partially hardcoded for CCIR band (i might rework that in the future).

Full credits to flywhc for his GFMAPI, which brings full RDS power to the developer.

After setup when started for the first time, PowerRadio will scan the whole band for stations, storing them to the available preset buttons.

manual scan: long-press "scan" button to get context menu with various options
preset buttons: long-press a button to get context menu with options for store, delete, rename
ear/spk: switch between earphones and speaker
mute/unmute: self explanatory
blend: improves stereo reception and/or expands stereo base
stereo: switch between mono/stereo

All settings are saved in PowerRadio.ini.

Upcoming features / fixes
- fix volume bug on start fixed in next release
- allow user defined scan sensitivity next release
- evaluate country settings fixed in next release
- store station names during scan will be default in next release
- skinning support next release will allow for skinning and switching skins on the fly
- check "replaces font" bug partially fixed in next release. While PowerRadio is running, font is still replaced. On exit, font will be switched back.
- add waitcursors on startup/exit partially added, but no waitcursors on exit (.net limitation)
- more preset buttons next release
- power management options, check screen state and suspend background processing next release

- evaluate RDS checkwords soon
- optional PDA time sync when RDS time info arrives soon
- numeric keypad for direct entering frequency soon
- landscape support later
- integrate with external audio recording app subject to investigation

Discontinued features / research / approach
- headset button support:
not possible. Currently no one seems to know how to programatically interface the button. There are a few workarounds but they are heavily device- and ROM dependent.
- stereo indicator derived from pilot signal
not possible, seems to be not supported by FMSAPI.DLL
- support for QVGA, WQVGA, or others smaller than 640 x 480 px
sorry folks, this software needs plenty of room on the screen.

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