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MS3Config 0.14 (WinMobile)

MS3Config 0.14 (WinMobile)

С помощью этой программы вы сможете настроить свой Spb Mobile Shell 3.

1. Full parsing of MS3's XML files to allow modifying backgrounds without causing problems for other Spb Mobile Shell 3 add-ons and mods.
2. Backup and Restore options.
3. Ability to choose which panels will be modified.
4. Ability to undo changes simply by disabling the panel that was changed.
5. Image browser shows the current images as thumbnails and allows choosing a different file or opening the file in your associated image editor.
6. Checking for redundant packing and unpacking now makes applying small changes much faster than in ALPHA.
7. Ability to quickly restart Spb Mobile Shell 3 to view your changes.
8. Progress is indicated wherever possible.


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